I have spent the whole weekend at the shops. My daughter Jessica is now 13 years old, and is into shoes, jewellery (especially piercings) and shoes in a BIG way. We went to an open air market place which has designer clothes reduced, on Friday, where I bought myself a pair of leather boots. Saturday, was  spent wearing said boots to ‘break them in’ for Melbourne in a few weeks time. Well, results came back – and the boots did not hurt, not one little bit. Jessica is trying to persuade me to buy her heeled boots now, but so far I am not capitulating, no siree! She had to content herself with a new top.

Sunday, same time same place, we went back to the lovely humungous shops down the road – Robina, yay! This time, it was a jewellery day. Jess had some ‘ear cuffs’ which sound painful, but were surprisingly sophisticated on her ears. I had a pair, so we are now looking more like twins everyday ( I wish ).

We spent hours at a new warehouse type of store, that sells everything for the home. This is my other love – home furnishings. I bought beautiful large purple flowers and a clear cut vase to go with it, and they are resplendent on my side board.

The second week Jess’s holidays start tomorrow. We went to the cinema last night to see a sweet film entitled ‘Inside Out.’ Last week it was ‘Jurassic World’ and I could not BELIEVE how good the effects were (have I mentioned this before? They were awesome!).

Bubbles the budgie goes back home tomorrow. He has been a joy to have and chirps away cheerfully all day. Billy my jealous terrier, looks up at him and growls incessantly, but Bubbles does not seem to notice…he’s so sweet.

BTW We had a lovely vanilla slice to go with our coffees… there was enough cake for us to share, and it had superb icing on top…scrumptious.

More news next week….over and out. 🙂 🙂