Josie pulled back the flower patterned curtains and looked around her bedroom. She was in her childhood home,and her mother had not got around to decorating the room. The familiar pink and grey striped wallpaper still adorned one wall, alongside the plain pink painted walls that were covered with her favourite posters. Robbie Williams in his ‘Let me entertain you’ pose, strutted his stuff alongside a poster of the hip and seriously pouty faces of the members of Oasis. Wow, she remembered the excitement she’d felt when she had concert tickets through the post for the Oasis gig. She remembered shivering with excitement on the day of the concert, and what she’d worn. Julie had picked her up so early, in her new skinny tight jeans and her Doc Martins. Julie’s mother had allowed her to wear lipstick for just that day, and she had brought some over for Josie to use. They’d caught a train up to London; two sixteen year olds with the world at their feet.

‘Come on, lovey! We’re going to be late otherwise, get a move on.’ Josie’s dad called up the stairs. Jack was now in his early seventies, but was still able to run around the block every morning, and had kept himself slim and fit. Josie could hear a movement next store, and the handsome face of her son James, peeped around the door.

‘Hi mum! Did you hear Grandpa calling us?’ her son inquired.

‘I think the undead must have heard him!’ James giggled at her attempt at a joke. She needed to lighten her mood to prepare for the days’ events. Her heart sank as she thought about why they were even there, back in the town of her childhood. She rarely visited anymore, and had only started to make more regular appearances to help out her dad. He was an independent old soul, though, who’d insisted on caring for himself as much as possible, especially since mum’s illness. He had insisted that she spend this milestone day at her home.

Josie sighed, and looked at herself in the mirror, before adjusting her fascinator. She looked across the room, to her old childhood dressing table, still full of her pictures, jewellery and nick knacks that she’d treasured once, but now seemed so obsolete to her. A picture of her mum took pride of place on the dresser. It was a photo taken on a sunny day when Josie was still James’ age. Her and her mum were squinting at the sun, sitting in a filed of cornflowers, enjoying a picnic. Josie remembered her dad taking the pic, all those years ago.

Just then, James made another appearance, and held out the crook of his arm to her.

‘You look lovely, mum. Dad will be blown away. Come on, let’s go we can’t keep him waiting or he may change his mind! Blown out on your wedding day. imagine that!’

Josie gave her son a nudge. ‘Cheeky thing!’ she answered, looking at her 15 year old, who stood nearly as tall as her, in her high heels. ‘I’m ready to go! You and grandpa are ganging up on me!’ she gave him a push out of her bedroom door.

Her mother’s face smiled over to her as if encouraging her to go and embrace the day.’ I so wish you could have been here mum,’ she murmured to herself. Suddenly her mood lifted and she smiled, anticipating her day.

As she closed the bedroom door, the light from the sun outside shone down on the picture, as if in approval.