My dear friend Karen has gone on a mini cruise off the coast of Brisbane. It is just for a week, with her hubby and kids, and she has left me in charge of her house, dogs, spa, veggie garden and of a little budgie name Bubbles, that now resides in my home.

My ever so lively terrier Billy (who’s still in the dog house after bitegate last week. has not noticed the extra addition to the family…yet. He has sniffed at the budgie’s food, and then growled at it, which has made me ever so glad that I have put Bubbles onto my side board and not on the floor as my friend suggested.

It has been an animal inspired weekend so far, as we discussed MY Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell in my book club, and now Bubbles arrival. We also went to see Jurassic World (the dinosaurs were out of this world, and are animals, if not technically alive at this moment in time!) We were blown away by the effects which were a lot better than the original film. I overheard a little girl behind us ask for a pet dinosaur, so that’s how good they were! Unbelievable. Which got me thinking about what us humans would treat dinosaurs if they existed today. I suppose they could be caught and caged just like every single animal on this planet of ours, which is due to our need for survival. It is an immense thought though, if a theme park such as the one in the film, existed today…I would be wary of going to it, and even more wary of our capacity to control such huge creatures for the long term. Phew.

So, as the middle of the weekend is upon me, I am going to finish my gorgeous book, entitled ‘People of the Book,’ and chill.

PS I have just discovered Geraldine Brooks (the author of my book) but am now a fan…it’s wonderful 🙂