It has been a strange weekend. On Friday I went to my local library to find some books to research my next book. I am in the ‘ideas’ stage at the moment, as I have the setting and time frame in places, but have still to work on my characters. I have a lot to do and read as it is to be set in the midst of WW1.

After my library visit, I came home to a light lunch of sushi, laden with books, to find that my hubby had been over to the local bottle shop, and there was a special on white wine. Mmmmm….one glass led to another, and bang! I had a huge hangover the next morning.

So, instead of hitting my bed for the afternoon, I hit the shops. There’s a new home wares shop just opened at my lovely, and huge shopping mall, and I was first in there, buying goodies. I am a flower type of gal, in that I would happily fill my house with all kinds of artificial flowers in all shapes and sizes, and in any vase that they suit. So, its a blissful afternoon, for me, hangover headache or not.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny…beautiful Queensland winter weather. We planned to go to the markets in the afternoon, but there was a domestic drama at home first, in the form of my little fox terrier, Billy. Billy decided that with all the excitement of getting ready by us humans, that he would join in and take some underwear from my daughter’s bedroom. This led to much running around the house by him, with us chasing him. Having caught him, my hubby tried to prise the underwear from his mouth, with the help of moi. Did it work? No, and I got bit on the hand by my doggy baby!! Not good at all.

Now, I have taken Billy in hand, and I am in charge of his behaviour, not anyone else in my household.

Billy is well and truly in the dog house 😦 😦Jess and Billy