Today I put on my cooking hat, and baked a corned beef pie. I am currently inspired to cook by watching Masterchef Australia which is currently running for the next few weeks on Channel 10. I do not hope to come anywhere near the professional looking sumptuous dishes that are prepared as part of the show ( and by ordinary cooks) by I can hold my own in the kitchen, especially when it comes to your home cooked meals-like-your-mother-used-to-make type of dish.

It is the Winter in Oz, so just perfect for baking. The cold weather has seeped into my bones, and reminds me of living back in Wales, although our temperatures are the same as home, and it is the summer there; perish the thought of a British winter again. Last weekend it was a pie special, with apple pies and cinnamon, steak pies and kidneys, and this week corned beef and mash. My family love the meals, but groan at their expanding waistlines. I reassure them with my favourite quote. ‘Eat it up, your a growing boy (or girl).’ This covers all the guilt sins of eating, even though my son is nearly nineteen (and has grown enough).

It has been a weird week at my house. Both of my offspring are in the midst of exams. Jessica is stressed out over her Japanese tests, whilst Liam is NOT stressed over his Music tests. He is so laid back, that I am concerned that he has missed something in his studies and he is going to realise this pretty soon, and will then FREAK OUT! Let’s hope not.

I have sent my book, Elen off to the publishers this week. The publishers (HarperCollins) have informed all the budding and hopeful aspiring writers that they will get back to them in four weeks. I have crossed this off in my calendar, and am praying every night. Getting some work published would be a dream come true, and if I could earn a reasonable living from selling my work, then I have found my dream job after years of searching. Wow, even writing down my thoughts, dreams and aspirations gives me Goosebumps!

I have also looked at other publisher’s and am going to send a draft of Elen to a competition that is running in July.

Fingers crossed.

I have already started the sequel to Elen, a book called Alice. Alice is Elen’s daughter, and this will be a trilogy of stories, leading up to WW1. I am researching this period as we speak – watch this space.

Whatever happens tho, I know that writing is what I what from life, and will continue it forever and ever. 🙂simple-mini-apple-pie-recip.

PS Tomorrow I am making Apple and Rhubarb Pie. I haven’t cooked with rhubarb in such a long time, I hope that I do it justice….