untitledI have just joined a book club in my local area. That’s not quite true…I actually joined a few years back, but decided at the time that it was not for me. This is a surprising statement in itself, as I am TOTALLY in to reading books, so I must explain.

The book club consisted of between 6-8 regular members, and some members that appeared occasionally. The ‘core’ member of the club, and the one that actually runs the website, is a friend of mine. She ‘persuaded’ moi to join as I was feeling a bit mumsy at the time (all housework and kids and pets!). So, I joined.

At this time, I was not a book addict. I had always loved reading but had been ‘out of the loop’ and had not read a book for a few years. Needless to say, the book club consisted of hardened dedicated reading buffs who daily digested reams of reading material from every genre imaginable! I was overwhelmed.

Then I discovered audio books. One member ‘listened’ to at least 4 books per week alone, whilst driving to work and back everyday. I was flabbergasted….could you class audio books as reading?

Anyway, having discovered this fact all those years ago, I left the book club, disillusioned and disheartened.

Back to the present time, and I have re-joined the book club. There are the same ‘core’ members (including my friend, who has kept pestering me over the years to come back….sigh).

The club seems just as competitive as ever, but now I have an added weapon – I know that they LISTEN to books as well!

Nevertheless. I am carrying on with my own reading (of books) and ‘Won’t be Fooled Again’  just like the rock band The Who.