It has been an eventful week. Jessica is still off school for the Easter holidays but goes back on Monday. We have had each other for company all week, as Liam is in uni and Jeff‘s at work. So it has been a girly week.

Firstly, we have been down to Robina shopping centre for lunch. This was Tuesday. We got a couple of new tops and are planning what to but for our trip to Tasmania. It is countdown now as we are going in 16 weeks! We have been told that this is the Wintertime, (we are going in August), and neither Jess or myself can wait to get some woollies on! We are both so looking forward to feeling cold!

I went out on Thursday with a couple of my girlfriends – Dawn and Karen. Karen is Australian, but Dawn was born in London. Our get together mean that we can talk about Australia, and reminisce about living in Britain. Karen’s son and his girlfriend have just moved to London for two years. They have jobs to go to, as they are both in hospitality. They have put up great pictures of their time onto Face book – they are standing in front of London landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. It is so nice to see London again. I am planning a trip back next year – staying with my mother in Wales, and hope to go to London for a weekend. I’m just taking Jessica with me, as the flights are real high, but this way I can stay with my mother without paying for accommodation, as there’s no room for us all in her little two bed roomed British house!

I managed to have one wine too many on my girls night out, and felt a little woozy the next day. But, being the good mother that I am, I managed to take my daughter out shopping again! We hit the shops at Australia Fair this time, and had lunch, coffee (or a milkshake in Jess’ case), and more coffee! We planned on shopping for hubby’s birthday this weekend. He turns 48, and is into music, especially Elvis Presley. He is hard to shop for music wise tho, as he has heaps of albums! We stuck to getting him some aftershave, a book on Elvis and some whiskey. That’ll go down a treat, I should imagine.

Jessica took her dad out shopping on Thursday whilst I was out. When I came home, there was a brochure on the coffee table with Tasmania on it – yay! There is so much to do there, and we have just a few days to do it in. We are planning to go to Port Arthur (the main reason for my trip is to research my book, Elen), but also plan on visiting the gallery and cruising up the Derwent River. I think we’ll need coats, and I havn’t bought a winter coat for nearly a decade – how exciting!

It’s countdown for Tassie!!