Now that the Easter break is winding down, it is time to recover from its excesses. It’s early Monday morning at our house, and we have had a healthy cereal with skimmed milk for breakfast. Hubby and I have checked our calendars, and it is 18 weeks to our Tassie (Tasmania) trip. Whoo hoo, can’t wait!
So, our fitness has started in earnest. Our little dog Billy will just love the next few weeks as he will be walked so much more than usual. Now we cannot ‘pass the buck’ and cajole our teenage son into taking him (even when Liam has spent a full day in Uni, and done a shift at the burger bar that he works in). No, the dog walking duties must now fall to us, in our quest to Get Fit (says with a groan).
We have talked about our Tassie trip for quite a while now. We are planning to fly down, and to spend some time at the Port Arthur penal colony. It is apparently the most popular tourist attraction on this picturesque island, so the convicts that were sent here from Britain all those years ago did not do too badly really, if they but knew this at the time!
We are not hiring a car for the trip, as it is to be just 3-4 nights so not worth the trouble. We are going to rely on local transport and the coach trips courtesy of our hotel. I have heard that it is easy to get around Hobart, and the markets and scenery around the harbour are spectacular. Hobart has built up on the foothills of Mount Wellington, and the CBD has grown around the River Derwent, which winds up as far as Lake St Clair in central Tassie. The island is steeped in history from the Aboriginal settlements, through to the English penal colony that started just a few years after the settlement of Sydney.
My hubby came home from work last week with new information on Tasmania. Apparently, it boasts a fabulous Art Museum, one of the best in Australia. I will definitely paying a visit there to soak up some culture. There is also a Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory nearby by which offers tours and samples of chocolate bars. I cannot face chocolate at the moment but I am sure we will recover by then. We are taking our 13 year old with us for the trip. Jessica is more excited for the chocolate tour than anything else.
We are leaving Liam to look after our dog, Billy. Liam’s life is full of his band The Vultures, and he cannot wait to have time to himself ‘to write songs.’ He is allowed a few friends over, but I confess to having reservations about leaving an 18 year old for the weekend! I suppose trust (and a good talking to!) is necessary, but nearer the day. It is the first time we have left him Home Alone so to speak, so this weekend will be a test for us all…!