Apart from sounding like a line from a film (These are a few of my favourite things), my blog is about a favourite food of mine: Chocolate.
Now, I believe that chocolate was invented by a very special set of people, who appreciate the best things in life and are not afraid to share it with others – and thank God for them! Chocolate has been a part of my life since I was small. My first memories are Milky Bar buttons (which is white chocolate) and Cadbury’s buttons (which are brown buttons). I could never decide on which I liked the best! Today, I am in my middle age years, bur still cannot look at white chocolate in the shops without remembering the lusciousness of them as a child.
When I was around six years old, I has a new bike (it was for my birthday or Christmas, really fuzzy memory of which). The bike seemed to bit a lot bigger than me at the time and it had two wheels, which was the first time I had ridden them. I was so excited to ride it – I went straight outside to the next street and jumped on it. I remember that my best friend at the time lived here so I was calling on her. The street had a dead end at one side, and I remember going fast to her house, and a dog running out in front of me. I snapped on the brakes, and went head over tip over the handlebars and knocked myself out onto the road. The next thing I remember is my mother trying to wake me with ice cream and chocolate! Yum, I soon woke up and recovered, but the memory of that chocolate thrust under my nose is still as real as yesterday!
When I was a teenager, I liked all things ‘fattening’ including cakes, crisps and sweets, but chocolate will always be my favourite. By the time I reached by twenties, the taste of chocolate had diminished slightly (only slightly mind!), but my love affair with this succulent food was reignited when I had my two children. How I loved walking them to the shops, and buying those Milky Bars and then discovering that they did them in button form! I still remember the thrill of it.
Other foods have come to my attention over the years. I went through a fad of loving sushi and wanting to visit the ‘sushi train’ at least once a week (this was when we first lived in Australia). My daughter Jess has also gained a ‘sweet tooth’ from me, and we can spend literally hours deciding what chocolate to buy. At the moment, we like the Cadbury’s Marble bar, and the Cadbury’s Marvellous bar which has jelly beans and popping candy inside. Yummy!
For me, chocolate represents the pleasurable moments of my life; from childhood through to adulthood and motherhood. It will always help me in good and bad times, and all for the small price of a few dollars….