I woke up this morning, put the kettle on, and made myself my usual cup of tea. My routine then is to put on the TV to see what’s happening in the world. This morning, the news greeting me is not good; Zayn Malik from One Direction, the biggest band on the planet, has left the band. He has cited the reasons for leaving as being ‘stressed,’ ‘worn out by fame ‘and having a desire to lead a ‘normal life again like a 22 year old.’ They have been together as a band for five years (a gruelling schedule if you read the press), and he was ready to throw in the towel.
I am a 50 + woman who really should not care less if a boy band splits up. I should be ‘past it’ when it comes to the pop music industry. Why should I take notice if the likes of Ed Sheeran is in town? if Adam Levine choses to get married last summer? if a member of a boy band ups and leaves unexpectedly? These things should not affect the hum drum of my life, surely?
The truth is, I AM interested in the people and events that surround the pop world. I have watched my fair share of award shows, such as the Arias, Grammys and the Brits with my teenage daughter, whilst secretly enjoying every moment of the shows. To me, pop music is a remnant of another time – MY YOUTH.
One Direction in particular, have a special place in my heart. My daughter Jessica first introduced me to them. She constantly talked about ‘Harry this, and Harry that,’ whilst I generally shut my mind to her drivel, but pretended to listen. This view changed however, when I bought Jess the DVD of their concerts, for Christmas 2014. I very reluctantly put the DVD on to play Christmas afternoon, and since then I have become hooked on these likeable lads. They seemed to be so cute that they brought out my maternal side – I just wanted to cuddle them and make that they had a cup of tea and a ‘nice’ biscuit to eat! I thought that they were adorable.
Over the years, my ‘favourite’ members of the band have changed. Just like a teenage girl, I have swayed back and forth on who is the one I like the ‘best.’ Firstly, it was Liam and his ‘granny type’ persona that made you want to ‘chat away with him for hours.’ Then, I loved Niall’s accent, and the cheekiness of Louis. But for me, Harry and Zayn became my favourites last year, and this has never changed. Harry is so lovely and cute, but my heart will always want to meet Zayn the most. He is the ‘mysterious’ one of the band, and the news today that he is leaving forever leaves me feeling sad. I believe that his mysterious image belied the fact that he is insecure and vulnerable; homesick and lonely.
He wanted out. He wanted to see more of his girlfriend. He hated the attention
that being in such a famous band brings with it; the earlier ‘golden days’ of gratitude to their fans that have made them, now seems to him to have become a jaded memory.
He must have asked himself over the last few months, when does the gratitude to our fans end? How much of ourselves must we sacrifice to keep them happy?
Well, I think he has answered that question, and believes that enough is enough. He wants to fade back into the background, and lead his ‘normal life ‘again. I don’t believe that life will ever be completely normal again however, as he has contributed so much in building up one of the most successful and loved bands of all time. But we can hope.
Good luck Zayn : 0(