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March 23, 2015

A gorgeous Monet

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Today’s subject is about waiting. It could be about waiting for anything that you can think of in your life. I have thought long and hard about what to write (am I getting writer’s block already?).
What has come to mind is waiting for my first child to be born. You may think that I’m thinking about the actual nine months that a woman waits to have her baby, but I am remembering a more specific time – the actual labour.
My labour started on a Saturday morning. I was shopping at my local town centre, at Port Talbot, south Wales. I started to feel twinges across my abdomen, which started to feel more and more uncomfortable. I remember talking to people that I knew, such as an old boss of mine. The dates of my pregnancy meant that I still had another week to go, so I wasn’t sure whether it was indigestion…or baby. So, Saturday after noon, we trotted off to the hospital, to be told that ‘Baby was too far off yet.’
I went home and the pains stayed around the same for most of that day, but continued throughout the night (1st night). I felt really uncomfortable all of Sunday morning, so we went back to the hospital for a second time. Again, the nurses sent us back home, telling us that ‘The baby is still well off yet, come back in a few hours, and remember to rest to keep up your energy.’ You can imagine our frustration.
My husband, (not having read anything very much on dealing with childbirth) had heard that eating lots of pasta in labour kept up your energy levels, so he went straight to the kitchen to put on a large pot. He then made sure I was comfortable on the couch. He put a DVD on (a light-hearted romantic comedy) ….and we waited.
All Sunday evening I had contractions, but even though they didn’t seem to be getting any worse, they were enough to stop me from sleeping properly (2nd night). Every time I dropped off to sleep, a contraction woke me. Needless to say, by Monday morning, I was exhausted.
I had an appointment at the hospital for Monday morning anyway, so, with contractions still coming strong, we went. I was examined by the doctor, and finally admitted in to have the baby. But, I was exhausted. Monday night they gave me some pain relief, and I could finally sleep comfortably (3rd night). Oh, the relief I felt was indescribable!
Liam was born at 10.35 am on the Tuesday morning. He was a healthy 9lbs 4ounces, with an exhausted but happy mum and dad. A child’s birth is such a personal experience. The outcome of all the pain, exhaustion and anxiety ends in such a positive outcome – a new baby. Our journey into parenthood had just started, and took three days and three nights to lead to any fruition. One thing that I do remember following those first few weeks with our baby is that we ignored all advice from family and friends and hardly opened any baby books. The waiting was over for us – until the next time.

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