I am now halfway through the 500 words a day challenge. It is day 16, and I am feeling the strain of writing, to be honest. I am also not sure what to write about today, so it is going to be a complete ramble.
The inspiration behind the challenge, Jeff, seems to have anticipated this (he has probably felt like this himself!), so has offered lots of encouraging words – telling us ‘not to quit’ and to have hope in our ability to become writers.
I am so glad for his words of encouragement, as I confess I have reached a stalemate. The silver lining though, is that I am still researching and writing my novel. It is based on one woman’s journey as he is transported to Van Diemen’s Land as a female convict. I am also planning to visit Tasmania in August, to get an actual ‘feel’ for the lives of the convicts that were incarcerated in Port Arthur, in particular the women who worked in the Female Factories as prisoners – how did they cope with the isolation, desolation? How did they look after their children who were sent with them?
It is a fascinating period of Australian history, and one that I am interested in the most. Considering Australia has had white occupation for not much more than 200 years, an awful lot happened to the convicts and maritime people that were sent here. There are a few memoirs written by convicts who escaped several times. One in particular, Martin Cash, escaped at least twice from Port Arthur, and ended up as a policeman on Norfolk Island. Their lives are the stuff of adventures which are incredible to believe. They say that ‘fact is more interesting than fiction’ and it is most certainly true for the people for first colonised Australia.
This afternoon, I made apple crumble and custard. I have not made this dish in years, so looked a recipe up on the internet, so found an American version of apple crumble which used rolled oats for the crumble. Jeff and the children enjoyed it but it was not my finest work!
We have settled down with a film fest this evening. There is still the remains of cyclone Nathan outside, as the rain is lashing down the window, and we can see and hear the thunder and lightning. On evenings like this, I am reminded of the weather in Wales where rain was never far away. It is a nice cosy feeling.
The films we are watching are The Holiday and The Bounty. One is a romantic comedy, and one a historical adventure. Both are oldies but goodies. The Bounty is a taste of Australian history, which I am full into at the moment. The other one is a bit corny, with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet – at a time when they were in their prime!
Well, I have written some words, and am pleased with myself. Being a writer is something that I wish to aspire to whatever shape or form it takes. On an ending note – I sent off one of my short stories to a woman’s magazine this week, with the hope of having it published. There is up to six months waiting until they get back to me – but I live in hope. I will carry on writing regardless.