I was 38 years old when I found out that I was having my second child. I had Liam who was approaching 5 years old, and I was starting to feel ready for a new baby. Liam was also at school, so it felt that the time was right.
Throughout my pregnancy with Liam, I was working full time. Now though, I was part time, so had more time for shopping for the new baby, and resting more. We had a scare during that time, however, as we were told during the scans that the baby had a 75% chance of being a Down’s baby. I had to go immediately to the Heath hospital in Cardiff for a new procedure to be down. It was a nail biting 5 days wait, but the hospital told us that I had a perfectly healthy baby – and it was a girl! I remember being so relieved that I burst into tears, of both relief and joy.
The rest of my pregnancy went really smoothly. Now that we knew the baby was a girl, we started to choose names. For Liam’s 5 birthday, I threw a joint party for him and a little friend, Jessica. Liam loved that name, and after looking through numerous baby books, and tossing up between Chloe, Sophie or Jessica, it was Liam who decided it. I also gave myself a chance to relax and enjoy this pregnancy, as I was thrilled to be having my ‘pigeon pair’ (this is a saying when a woman has a boy, then a girl, weird but true!). I allowed myself extra treats and we certainly had a few takeaways, I can tell you.
The original date of the pregnancy was set for a few days before Christmas, 2001. So, we went out and bought stockings for all four of us, and proudly put Jessica’s up alongside ours. We were so excited that the baby was on its way, like an extra Christmas present.
Well, Christmas came and went. New Year’s Eve came and went. Still no baby. At two weeks overdue, I went into hospital with a determination on my face, ‘I will not leave this hospital without my baby!’ I spent a few impatient days watching other mums going down the delivery room in fits of agony, but still no sign of mine. Jessica was finally born on a lovely sunny afternoon, at 3.50pm, after I was induced several times. She was a whopping 9lbs 14 ounces in weight and was gorgeous. She looked so much like her brother Liam that I kept calling her Liam for days after. She has also a very sweet, sunny disposition and was always smiling. She hardly ever cried, but just snuffled around her cot a bit when she was hungry. I left the hospital the very next day after having her which felt a bit rushed but was glad to be bringing my baby home.
Today, she still has an easy going sunny nature that makes her so liked by all.