Ok, so I have been seriously writing for over a week now (10 days to be precise) and am finding it a new and enjoyable experience. Apart from the fact that I am writing about things that I had thought that I’d long forgotten about? I realise how much that I have missed putting words down onto paper, as I was required to do whilst studying for my degree.
It is a cathartic experience to put down your own thoughts on any subject that you can remember from your memories of life. For my own experiences, at the age of 50 + years (say this quietly!), I have married, had two children and numerous jobs (including retail, nursing and office work). I have moved my family across the world, from our native Wales (which I still miss wholeheartedly) to Australia. Not only that, but we have settled into one of the hottest parts of Australia: Queensland.
The humidity levels in summer are always over 90%, so the heat is tremendous to cope with. Not for us the coolness of South Australia or Tasmania (minus degrees in the winter), but no, the hot and humid QLD! The scenery here is fantastic though, and it was this that inspired me to ‘think’ more or hence write down more of this new environment that I was now a part of.
Writing is one of the new experiences of my new life, and one that I am sure I will continue. I have had an interest in the history of Australia for quite a while, especially the convict era. I have wanted to put my own slant onto the experiences of the women convicts of that time, and the challenges they must have faced. They had no choice but to ‘get on with it’ and to live their lives (and that of their children) as best they can.
I have taken numerous books out of the library on the subject, and am eagerly starting researching the subject matter for what is to be my first book! Even saying those words sounds surreal to me – but in a good way!
On a last note, I went out for coffee with my two closest friends here on the Gold Coast. As it was my birthday, I had cards and gift vouchers – one was a book voucher for $25. What shall I buy? Another fab Stephen King book? A historical novel by Fiona MacIntosh? Or a contemporary novel from a book club recommendation? Mmmmmm… ‘The Girl On the Train’ by Paula Hawkins is supposed to be real good!
I am going to enjoy looking anyway. I also has a voucher from a department store which will be a good one to browse for.
On a last, last note…my hubby and I are childless for this Saturday night. My son is at a gig with his band and my daughter is at a sleepover. Is this the sign of things to come? Not quite yet I hope…