It’s the 12th March 2015 so that means it’s my birthday. I woke up this morning at 7 am with just the dog sprawled out on my bed. My hubby has gone to work. I make my way to my on suite bathroom, and am deafened by the sudden sound of my terrier dog barking and yelping around the room.
“Shut up!” I scream at him. “What’s the matter with you?”
I make my way to my bedroom door (it’s not as far as I’m making it out to be), with the dog’s barking deafening all other sounds. I open my bedroom door….to see two figures standing in the doorway. I scream and step back!
It’s my children Liam and Jessica with flowers and chocolates…what an idiot I am for screaming. I think I’ve watched too many horror films lately….not good.
For breakfast, we have toast and Chocolate Orange segments, with some tea. Lovely. Liam takes the dog out for his walk this morning (a birthday treat for me) while I get ready for the day. I have decided to go backwards in age now….
Then, Jessica goes off to school, and Liam and I head down to the shops for morning coffee and cake. We wander around the shops, and I see a lovely new watch that I would love.
Later, we all trot down to the shopping mall again and stop by the Max Brenner’s Chocolate shop. We order the chocolate fondue dips (to die for) and coffee. We wandered around the shops (again) and my hubby bought the watch for my birthday (lovely), and then had a curry for dinner. So full that night! Chocolates, more chocolates, and then curry, does not make for good digestion….feel like a 5 year old who has had too much rubbish to eat !
I also smooched down to my local library in the afternoon and ordered some library books on Australian history. I am writing a novel about a Welsh mother (who has an 8 year old and is 5 months pregnant), who lives in south Wales in the 19th century. She gets caught stealing cloth from her employer, and gets sent to Van Dieman’s Land for 10 years as a female convict. I am so enjoying the research side of this book, as history research is a love of mine. Living in Australia in 2015 (and willingly!) it is so interesting to feel the emotions and challenges of the convicts who were forced to live here, and consequently built up the society that we enjoy today. The standing joke today is that the convicts were sent to a place that is undoubtedly much better than where they left (and where people now feel privileged to live!) They did not appreciate the irony of that at the time though, and the book is evolving nicely along explaining the thoughts and doubts of this young Welsh mum.
An interesting birthday (or as my friend Penny says, Happy Burpday!)