MY daughter Jessica came home from school yesterday after having her inoculations done. She has two needles on each arm, and was complaining that they felt sore. She ate her dinner, but as the night progressed she felt more and more ill.

Just before her bedtime, she started to have a panic attack. She was very hot, and felt dizzy and sick. She became very restless and complained of a headache. I gave her plenty of fluids, and half a headache tablet, and put a cold press on her head to cool her down and to alleviate the anxiety.

She stayed in my bed next to me through the night. At 3.30 in the morning the dog started barking at a cat outside the window. I checked on Jess, and she was sleeping. Her temperature was down though.

The next morning, she was very tired and her arms were still sore, so I phoned the  school. I am a bit annoyed that they gave the inoculations in the morning, and the students had to sit the rest of the day with sore arms. It’s not on really, but I guess they get busy going around all the schools and can’t accommodate everyone..

Having Billy is like having a third child. I woke this morning and he has vomited next to the bed in the night ….sometimes it does not rain, but it pours…..even in sunny Australia 😦