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March 10, 2015

My favorite painting – Gustav Klimt ‘The Kiss’




I love traveling. I lived in the UK before emigrating to Australia in 2006.
My favorite holiday was to Yorkshire, north of England. My son Liam was just around 7 years old, and we stayed in an apartment as part of a mansion, called Sutton Hall. There were tennis courts in the grounds and an indoor swimming pool.
We went to York, one of the most historic and best city in England. It has York Minster there, which was built in the 12th century (or perhaps earlier). It is an awesome building and I remember how marvellous it was to stand in the main atrium of the cathedral and be in awe of the breathtaking architecture and its structure. It was wonderful to imagine all of the people that have tread those ancient stones that are laid in the aisle of this ancient cathedral, and to guess at what their lives would have been like. They had none of the modern day ‘trappings’ such as telephones, tv’s or internet access.
The most important people were the priests that ran the churches, who were the celebrities of the day. It was such a simple, religious life but I wonder if they would enjoy modern life if they were living today? We all live in our own ‘present’ with no notion of what lays ahead, and the time we are at, 2015, is our optimum time scientifically, technologically, and socially. What an intriguing thought…


MY daughter Jessica came home from school yesterday after having her inoculations done. She has two needles on each arm, and was complaining that they felt sore. She ate her dinner, but as the night progressed she felt more and more ill.

Just before her bedtime, she started to have a panic attack. She was very hot, and felt dizzy and sick. She became very restless and complained of a headache. I gave her plenty of fluids, and half a headache tablet, and put a cold press on her head to cool her down and to alleviate the anxiety.

She stayed in my bed next to me through the night. At 3.30 in the morning the dog started barking at a cat outside the window. I checked on Jess, and she was sleeping. Her temperature was down though.

The next morning, she was very tired and her arms were still sore, so I phoned the  school. I am a bit annoyed that they gave the inoculations in the morning, and the students had to sit the rest of the day with sore arms. It’s not on really, but I guess they get busy going around all the schools and can’t accommodate everyone..

Having Billy is like having a third child. I woke this morning and he has vomited next to the bed in the night ….sometimes it does not rain, but it pours…..even in sunny Australia 😦

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