I have to tell you about my dog Billy. He is a fox terrier and is six years old. He is very sweet but naughty at the same time! I despair of him.

In my household, we have all tried to train Billy at one time or another….my son Liam tends to shout at him, and my daughter and husband try the ‘train with kindness’ method.’ Me, I try BOTH!

He has chewed up most of our underwear (it’s an ongoing battle). also shoes (especially shoelaces), handbag straps, t-shirt and shorts (this is particularly true of buttons on shorts…and trousers) and just about anything that he can get his paws on. Did I mention hairbrushes. drink coasters and ‘strappy’ sandals? Yep, those too. It is getting limitless….

He also loves to bark at anything that moves out the garden, including birds, butterflies, geckos, cats, and thrown-over-the-fence balls-by-the-kids-next-door (they are into the tennis fad at the moment because the Australian Open was recently on…soon it’ll be cricket).

We all adore him in the house, but question why he displays such puppy behavior for a middle aged dog! Not good. 😦

We are starting to understand how they felt in the film Marley and me….!