From her vantage point of the restaurant, she could watch the surfers as they chased the waves. The midday sun beat down on them, but did not seem to deter them from catching that elusive wave. In fact. It was their life long mission.
“Is this seat taken?” inquired the woman on approaching her seat. Chelsea nodded and put her bag onto it. Where was he? He was always late and it was starting to really get to her.
The restaurant was situated right on the ocean, so was very popular with the locals and tourists alike. Today was no exception. She was just lucky to have found a corner table just close to the restaurant balcony. They would be totally full very soon.
As she sat waiting her thoughts turned to her absent companion: Luke. They had known each other since school, and had bumped into one another at a party. Even though there was nothing but friendship at school, ten years later they had found so much in common. They both loved the beach and fishing and boating on the water. That night at the party, they discovered that they both enjoyed classic films and had started a collection together. It had been an exciting twelve months.
The last few weeks had been a bit of a mystery. Luke sometimes looked distant whilst on their dates, as if he wanted to be elsewhere. He had started to be late and had feeble excuses why. Just the other night he told her that his boss had wanted him to fetch supplies in the city, but she sensed that it was not the whole truth. What was going on?
She looked around at the young families having their lunch on such a beautiful day. Chelsea felt as if she had a cloud hanging over her, spoiling the perfection of the afternoon. Everyone seemed to be relaxed and animated whilst she felt dark and broody.
She glanced at her watch. Luke was now a full half an hour late. Maybe this was her cue…he wanted to finish with her?
Just then, she thought she recognised Luke actually standing on the beach. He seemed to be knee deep in the water, as the waves splashed over him, and he was waving his arms around frantically and pointing to the sky above him.
The girl on the next table cried out,
“Look up at the plane in the sky. That’s so romantic!”
Chelsea focused on what Luke was trying to say to her as he ran towards the restaurant balcony, whilst pointing at the sky.
She looked up and grinned with delight. The she looked down at Luke who was now running up the restaurant steps towards her. She looked up at the sky again. The people around her were all straining to make what the aircraft was doing. It was trailing a banner behind it, and she could then make out the words,
“Chelsea – I love you. Will you marry me? – Luke”