Liam is 18 years old. He works 10 hours a week in a burger joint. He is in university studying a Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music. He is also the lead singer/lead guitarist of a band called The Vultures. They have a rock/blues sound and are writing, recording and demoing their music. There are three in the band – Joe on drums; Jay on bass; and Liam.

They have a following on the Gold Coast Australia (where we live). and have built up their gigs to be playing locally, plus NSW and Brisbane at least 2-3 times per week. Go see them – they’re awesome!

Jessica is 13 years old. She has just started High School. She has made lots of new friends and loves it Her friends include Mia, Shae and Sam. Her favorite subjects are Mathematics, Art and Science. She finds History boring, and dislikes PE.

Jess has lovely long blonde hair, and is into nails and fashion. She especially loves shoes and takes any chance she can to try on high heels. Her dream is to own British Doc Martens. She is One Direction’s ‘No 1 Fan’ and wants to visit Holmes Chapel in England to see where Harry Styles grew up. Go Harry ! 🙂