I love reading sooo much !

It is my love of reading that has led me to want to write. 🙂

My favorite book (at the moment ) is Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. It is a debut novel by an Australian author who wrote the story as part of her English thesis. It is the haunting story of Agnes who was convicted od killing her lover in 19th century Iceland. Agnes was also the last woman to be executed in Iceland.

It is beautifully written, with the descriptions of the Icelandic landscape – barren, cold, harsh; the poor conditions of the people living in meagre conditions in the crofts; the harsh treatment of Agnes as she waits for her execution in the police commissioner’s home.

I also loved a thriller by Michael Robotham. He is another Australian author who is well known. The thriller Life or Death tells the story of a man who escapes prison just one day shy of his actual release date. Why?

This is a fast paced story which left me gripped from the very start…well worth a read 🙂